Pepper Green




I started with colored pencils, drawing pictures that each scripture inspired during my chemo treatments in 2019.
From the pages of my Bible I then ventured onto paper with watercolors, added acrylics, oils, charcoals. My art is truly a gift, I can't draw stick people!

I'm Happiest by a body of water, out in the sunshine, painting the JOY all around me. My art is a gift from God inspired by the Blessings He gives me daily.

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy creating them.
The phrase "Let's Wander Together..."has changed my life. Willy encouraged me to come up with a tag line for Wandering Willy and my 1st bumper sticker came to life!

I encourage anyone that is passionate about their art to submit it to the WW Artist's Corner and if your art is can change your life, for the good.

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