Artist Bruce Garrison

In the heart of Cario, Illinois, in the spring of 1962, a creative soul named Bruce Garrison was born. From the tender age of five, Bruce's fingers began dancing across paper, sketching the outlines of his future. Without any formal training, his raw talent blossomed as he turned each blank canvas into a story of its own.


Fast forward to 1981, Bruce's unwavering discipline and dedication led him to graduate at the top of his Marine Class, proudly earning the Sharp Shooter badge. His promising military career was unfortunately cut short in 1982 due to a severe back injury, resulting in an honorable discharge. Despite this setback, Bruce's fervent patriotism and resilient spirit never wavered.


Today, Bruce finds solace and peace in his art, which serves as both a sanctuary and a time capsule, pausing time with each stroke of his pencil. He describes drawing as moments where "time stands still," allowing him to immerse fully in his creative world. His artworks are not just pictures; they are reflections of a journey shaped by dedication, love for his country, and an unbreakable spirit.


In a serendipitous encounter last spring in Texas, Bruce met Pepper, an enthusiast and fellow art lover. Touched by Bruce's story and captivated by his talent, Pepper was honored to receive a donation of some of his exquisite works. This gesture not only symbolizes a bond of friendship but also a mutual respect for art's power to connect and heal.


Bruce Garrison remains a wandering artist based in Alvord, Texas, but his legacy travels far beyond through every piece of art he creates. Each drawing is a testament to his journey, a blend of courage, patriotism, and unending creativity. Here's to Bruce Garrison—may his story inspire us all to find peace in our passions and strength in our stories.