About Us

I have worked in the Pet Industry for over 30 years.  In 2020 I decided to sell my sticks and bricks home and live a nomadic lifestyle.  While planning this new life I decided to live my dream, to travel across the country helping people along the way. I started recording camper repairs and decided to start a new YouTube channel to share what has worked well and what has not worked at all.  

I'm sure you or someone you know asked why is he giving away a Baja. Well ADVERTISING yes I purchased this vehicle specifically for it's advertising appeal. The way I thought it would be used for advertising is not the way it ended up. That's why as humans we must be flexible to be in harmony. Positive attitudes find a way to promote positivity to those around them. I'm sure someone is in need of a beautiful classic Baja that's a real head turner. I built it for myself, however i'm going to be blessed with seeing the winners face as I present them there Adventure Vehicle.

Enjoy the moment you only live once.

Let's discuss the non winners. Well there are some of you that bought a merch item to help custom finish the adventure vehicle to the new owners taste's. What can be better than that? Wear you merch with pride and watch the channel to see your contribution be passed on to others. I have lived a very blessed & lucky life and I wish to pass that feeling on to others I meet along my journey to the after life sharing the adventure with you along the way. 

My plan is to travel slowly, getting to know communities and finding deserving people that just need a leg up in life.  I set out to do this alone but quickly realized it was more than I could do well, also having to keep my day job. God works in mysterious was and I have started listening to His voice more and striving to follow the path He has set out for me. I have been blessed by friendships I have made along the way so far.  As the Bible says, Iron sharpens Iron, and my friends have proven this true.  I look forward to meeting the people that God has picked to put in my path as I move forward. I know great things can be done by those who believe! If we are willing to follow God's calling on our lives, He will provide all that is needed to do the work. 

And don't for get the FUN of being a nomad and being able to get off-road and enjoy all of the beauty God has freely given us! From community festivals, Jeep Jams, Monster Trucks, and wonderful Adventure Rides, join us as we share everything we find I travel across the country.

Is God telling you to get involved? What to know what needs we have right now? Email me wonderingwilly22@gmail.com for more information on how you can help us help others!!

Life is short, be kind, be happy, and share love along your journey. You never know the impact you will have on someone's life.  We know we can't change the entire world, but we can change the world for one person, and that kindness spreads like wildflowers. Think of the world we could have if everyone shared just a little kindness everyday.

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God Bless and Wander On...